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Englisch IGN
It's great to see original intellectual properties try things a little differently, something that could be said of Liquid Entertainment's Rise of the Argonauts. With a storyline and characters rooted firmly in Greek mythology, there's an element for those who know or admire the Classics to enjoy. The problem is how the game's put together – so much has been stripped from what we traditionally think of as an RPG and an action game that the result feels like an awkward, neutered hybrid bloated by hours and hours of static dialogue sequences. Add a sloppy combat system in which the most basic moves serve you well all game long and some serious framerate issues, and the result is a frustratingly limited product that, even as it weaves an interesting tale of deceit and betrayal, fails to rise above the compromises made for its hybrid design.

Wertung: 62%
Englisch GamePro US
Rise of the Argonauts wanted so very badly to be a thrilling action adventure and sought to draw gamers in with a combination of entertaining gameplay and stunning visuals. However, this adventure falls flat with a disappointing mix of substandard graphics and mediocre design. An inventive skill system rises to the occasion, but it's not nearly enough to save the game from epic shortcomings.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Rise of the Argonauts had mythic origins -- it's based on Jason's legendary quest for the fabled Golden Fleece -- but the only thing epic about it is the amount of failure it produces. Solid action and a cool skill system isn't enough to save a game marred by a poor presentation and dull design.

PROS: Inventive skill system; varied combat system; solid action.
CONS: Substandard graphics; bland level design; meaningless dialogue choices.

Wertung: 60%
Englisch Team XBOX
Who knows what could have been with this game had it received some more time in production, but a lot of it seems misguided from the start. Too bad, because if they would have gotten this game right, it could have been one of those all time great sleeper hits. It was a valiant effort, but ultimately ended up a Greek tragedy.

Wertung: 52%
Englisch MS Xbox World
Rise of the Argonauts is not a terrible game, and in some respects is quite enjoyable, especially in regards to its story. However, the low production values in the gameplay and graphics department, does mean that you’ll possibly find enjoyment is severely hindered and your patience somewhat tested. There’s some really bad design choices which may help prolong the game, but ultimately could turn gamers off completely. If you like action/adventure, then there are probably a lot more games out there worth spending your money on. If you are a fan of Greek Mythology and can overlook some of the game’s negative issues, then you’ll garner some enjoyment, albeit somewhat muted. I would recommend this game as a rental only, because there’s really nothing worth shouting about here; it’s adventuring by numbers, and its only real saving grace is a semi-engaging storyline.

Wertung: 50%
Englisch Destructoid
That's the true problem at the heart of Rise of the Argonauts -- there is no excuse. Liquid Entertainment had in its hands a game with real potential. Tapping into a story not often explored in videogames, with a deeper-than-average leveling system and solid combat, Rise of the Argonauts could have been a damn good game. Sadly, those at the helm allowed it to be completely ruined by poor design and utterly inconceivable schoolboy errors that should not still be occurring in the year 2008.

Wertung: 30%
Englisch Paste Magazine
There's plenty to love about Rise of the Argonauts. The game's soundtrack offers a stylistic nod to Lisa Gerrard's ethereal vocalizing in Ridley Scott's film Gladiator. The stunning visuals and sound design offer players nothing short of blanket immersion. When you first emerge from the tree line onto the beach and get a look at your ship-the Argo-looming over Iolcus's harbor, and you hear waves lapping up against its creaking hull, you can nearly smell the salt air and heady prospect of adventures yet to unfold. I even found myself adjusting the camera angle to admire the craftsmanship of new weapons I'd collected. The long, curving blade of my spear tip bore exquisite artisan etchings. The golden lion head adorning one shoulder pad on my armor glimmered in the afternoon sun. Most narrative-heavy games are lacking in both solid dialogue and voice acting, but even those aspects of the game are well-executed.

Wertung: 75/100

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